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How it will all work

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Moving into a New Role

Do you feel like you are not achieving your potential or have a yearning to try something new? Seeing your circumstances with a fresh perspective and challenge from an external source can help create new energy and new possibilities.

Transitioning to a new role

This can be can be exciting and daunting at the same time! Let me help you accelerate the discovery of your authentic strengths in order to improve your chances of success – whether it’s a different type of role or your very first role out of University.

121 Coaching

Dedicating time to a 121 coaching programme can be transformational for you in taking the next steps to move forward.

Setting Up Your Business

Have you decided that the only way to be properly fulfilled at work is to run your own business?

If so, I can help you fast track to your authentic self, discover your real strengths, and liberate a new energy to create a business that you can quickly establish to deliver real fulfilment and a true sense of purpose. A business aligned to your values, working with the customers you choose.

My Own Start

The Corporate Life

I spent many years in corporate life and then set up my own business.

Experience & Success

My business was successful, but it took me 5 years of running it to fully understand that I was still thinking like a corporate citizen, rather than a new business owner.

Help with your Transition

I can help you avoid the classic traps when setting up your business and help you transition more quickly to your chosen place.

Moving into a Leadership role

Making the transition from a specialist role into a leadership role can be the single, most challenging step of your whole career.

Overnight, it will be others that determine your success, rather than just you.

The good news is that there is plenty of research and evidence to help you with this all-important transition, so taking some time to reflect on what sort of leader you want to be and what approach is needed for your business situation is extremely valuable.


I can help you with this, because not only do I understand the science, but I have been there myself and successfully done it at board level.

Spending time out of the business, in a safe place, exploring what type of leader you want to be, is potentially the most impactful action you can take for the performance of your business

Building an effective team

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships

Transitioning the people who work for you into a cohesive team that is committed to a common goal is the difference that will make the difference in performance. It will also make for a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all involved, with less stress and higher productivity.

The ingredients of success sound simple, but great teamwork is a rare thing that few teams truly manage to achieve.

Let me help you take the steps to building a happy and healthy team that wants to deliver outstanding performance for you and your business.

I’ve done it a few times in my career – when you get it right, it’s a fantastic feeling!